Small things, big effect! FREE TIPS on how budget friendly details can help to create your wedding by Ślub Trendy.

  1. Some extra thing to be put in the toilets-things like hair spray, pair of stockings, tampons… anything you can think of  that will be there for your guest will be much appreciated. Remember that many of your guest will be in rush getting ready for your wedding and will simply not think of things like some pain killer, extra pair of stockings or a breath freshener. You will not spend more than 150 PLN but will make your guest feel that you have thought of everything to make them comfortable.
  2. Flip-flops. Of course we assume your wedding will be a wedding of the year  and your guests will not want to leave the dance floor. However think about all those ladies that wanted to look gorgeous in those huge hills. The chances are they might not be able to walk at 10 pm. Few pairs of flip-flops will cost around 150PLN and will make your lady guests not want to leave the dance floor.
  3. Blankets- while most of your guest would go wild on the dance floor, some would be happy to spend some time outside talking or smoking. You might want to get few blankets for them on those cool spring or autumn nights. The cost of one blanket is around 15PLN but the feeling that you looked after your guest is priceless.
  4. Whisky bar-not everyone want to hire a bartender, although we think it is a great idea. Few bottles of whisky, maybe some old fashioned decanters, elegant ice bucket with some sparkling wine. All that presented on a wooden cask or an old door or maybe on a glass table. All that depends on your preferences and your wedding theme, however no matter what your style is this men area will be very much appreciated by all the boys. Especially if you complement it with cigars…
  5. Sparklers- if you cannot afford some spectacular fireworks, do not worry! You can have sparklers instead. They will cost you around 50PLN, but a good photographer will be able to take some spectacular pictures with them.

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