About us

From the passion of organizing weddings and from love to beautiful venues in Poland, ŚlubTrendy was born.

We have been into wedding market consistently for over 12 years.  Throughout these years we organized over 200 weddings, most of which were international and multicultural functions. We feel comfortable combining Polish traditions and current world wedding trends.

Why SlubTrendy?

It is us who have a thorough knowledge on weddings from the first table set, from the first fork put on the table, from the first napkin folded, from the first wedding guest who walked into the function room. Our “know how” goes deeper than just organizing parties. Throughout the years not only did we gained great organization skills, but we also and maybe most of all acquired a thorough practice in different kinds of functions. Are you trying to set a wedding menu? No worries! We have a great experience in food and beverages department in high class hotels. Are you trying to match wines to your chosen menu? We are ready to help, as we have international wine certificates!

Are you not very sure of what you could expect as for the service standards during your function? No problem! We will tell you how Polish standards vary from international ones and how we can work our own way around them.