How to organise a destination wedding

You live abroad but dream of having your wedding in Poland? Please find 5 tips Ślub Trendy that will make it easy:

  1. Location– choosing venue you may consider site where both your Polish and international guests will have a similar distance to. You may also want to consider the venue that is a reasonable distance to the international airport. Unless you want to have exhausted guests in sweaty shirts 😉
  2. Wedding venue-if you wish to handle wedding planning on your own without professional help and your partner does not speak Polish it is quite important that you choose a venue where your contact person can communicate directly with your other half. This is your wedding and it is crucial that both of you feel comfortable when it comes to organizing it. Imagine that it is you who sits bored during endless meetings not understanding a single word. Unless you are happy with translating every single details including ten different shades of flowers.
  3. Photographer and videographer– communicating with them is as important. They too should be able to communicate with both of you. Your wedding photographer will follow you in one of the most important day of your lives and it is very important that they make you feel relaxed and ease tension when you are stressed.
  4. Dj or a music band– it is natural that when your party is multicultural that your foreign guests understand what is happening during your function so they feel comfortable and looked after
  5. Wedding planner– the easiest and most reasonable solution is finding a person who deal will all the above on your behalf and let you enjoy a stress-free wedding preparations. A wedding planner who is fluent in your other half’s mother tongue will let you organize all services in language that you both use. Also if they are experienced they will make your wedding more budget  friendly as they can make you save money on wedding vendors.

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