Living memories.. few words on choosing the right wedding photographer

When planning their wedding most couples think of choosing their wedding photographers as one of the priorities. Rightly so, as the best ones get booked one or two years ahead. How come though, when searching through numberless wedding sessions over internet, we find some of them amazing and some just not right? Each wedding session should bring out the best of the bride and groom. No matter if you are old motorcycles or nature lover, your pictures should reflect not only your passion but most of all your feelings to each other. In every gesture, in every look it should show your love, dedication and joy of being together. When choosing the right photographer you should obviously consider their workshop, experience and the equipment they use. However, the personality of the person behind the lenses is as important. Remember, that the atmosphere the photographer builds during his work will determine how relaxed you can feel in their presence. If the photographer makes you tense you can forget about beautiful pictures. For years of our work we met those who despite great workshop created really tense atmosphere and could not bring out the best of the moment. However, the great majority are those who apart from being real professionals, they are great people that you just enjoy having around. They can bring out a cheerful laughter out of most stressed bride and take pictures where the bride and groom look as if there was just the two of them and nothing else! Please find pictures of the some of the wedding photographers we think are great professionals and fantastic people, too 🙂

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