Jonathon Hansson

We hired Marta to help us plan our wedding as she was in Poland (at Palac Wojanow) and we lived in Abu Dhabi.

Marta did everything we asked for, and was consistently above and beyond our expectations. Everything she did, from her vendor recommendations to alternative ideas of what we could include in our wedding, to her organization, encouragement, persistence with vendors and just getting everything right, made our whole event flow perfectly. Everyone had a great time, we received many compliments on not only how beautiful things were, but also how smoothly and professionally everything was done. We never could have done our wedding and reception without Marta’s help, and she was always responsive, positive, supportive, superbly organized and gave us a total sense of confidence in her ability to make it happen. We would happily recommend Marta to anyone for their wedding, she was a star for us. The words above are not strong enough to emphasise how much Marta helped us or how key she was to our wedding, she made us feel so relaxed and made the wedding seem so stress free and easy!

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