Luzana Costa

March 9th 2016
To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing on behalf of Marta Tabaka regarding the organization of mine and my husband’s wedding in Palac Wojanow in August 2015.

Both my husband and I were initially impressed with Marta Tabaka’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when we visited Wojanow in search of a wedding venue in Poland. It is fair to say that we chose the location highly in part due to Marta’s professionalism. At the time of the organization of the event, my then fiancé and I lived in different parts of the world, which made organizing a wedding in a third country especially difficult.

All during the planning stages Marta was continually readily available for Skype and conference calls, and always was more than willing to adjust to whatever new ideas we had for our special day. She went above and beyond to obtain solutions to all the problems encountered, going as far as arranging the venue room to be painted a different color to better suit our taste. When one of our guests missed a connection flight, Marta was quick in searching for other viable options, and made all arrangements for transport from several towns away to the location of the event. During the time we had the pleasure of working together, she consistently demonstrated high organizational skills, professionalism, and patience and more importantly, kindness and understanding and I heartily endorse her for any customer service position.

Marta was a pleasure to work with because her pleasant and positive attitude made nearly every decision less stressful and gratifying. Marta was able to arrange a cake tasting for myself the day before the wedding at the venue, since I was not able to be in country sooner.

She is excellent at taking directions, making sure that we, as clients, were thoroughly satisfied. Between numerous photos, and describing ideas, Marta was able to pinpoint what we wanted, needed and how she could achieve it. We spent three days in Palace Wojanow, and she was on call for the entire duration of the time, tending to all the guests.

Marta also procured all of the vendors we used, taking direction on the people we wanted to work with, and managed it all from the contracts to making sure the flowers were correctly placed where exactly I wanted them, at the time I wanted. She went as far as photoshoping each arrangement on the locations on the palace, so I could choose the flowers from abroad. Marta is truly outstanding in her commitment and dedication, and never showed any worry, being able to remain calm under pressure and transmit even the direst of news in a calming tone – we lost our DJ the night of the rehearsal dinner.

Finally, I have to give an ode to Marta’s adaptability. She organized an event for two people of absolutely different cultures, myself being Angolan and my husband Polish, with guests flying in from all corners of the world, with wholly with different needs and she was able to make everyone feel at home.

With her relentless motivation and her awareness of the job she does, Marta would bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to any work she may do. I know she would be an excellent fit for your organization. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the bellow email address.

Regards, Luzana Costa

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