5 reason why you should consider holding your Norwegian wedding in Poland

  1. Value for money- Wedding in Poland can not only be a unique experience for you and your guests, but it also is a very budget friendly solution. Deciding to organize it here you can have a 2 day wedding with accommodation for your guests, exclusive use of your 4*** wedding venue, a full night catering with alcohol for 150 guests for the price of a wedding dinner in a good restaurant in Oslo!  The other thing is that the quality of service. The standard of services you can get for your money here in Poland can go way beyond you expectations! Poland is full of fantastic historical venues like palaces and castles. Many has been converted to luxury hotels with high quality services. Holding your wedding there will not ruin your budget, though as the prices atre not sky-high. In the contrary, you will be surprised how inexpensive it might be!
  2. Wang stave church- it is a very unique church here in south of Poland that was brought all the way from Wang lake in Norway. This great history will make having your Norwegian wedding ceremonies really special. Here in Poland we only have this one and having your wedding ceremony in it will make you feel like back home, however with this unique foreign touch to it. Norwegian TV Channel NRK1 did actually make a reportage about Norwegian couples getting married there.
  3. English speaking staff- when considering having a destination wedding most couples are a little bit anxious that they will not be able to communicate to all their wedding staff. It is now very easy to find a good wedding photographer, DJ or music band that speak fluent English. They will make sure you and your guest feel comfortable and know your wedding agenda. Also your priest would speak English and you can also have your favorite Norwegian songs played in church if you wish.
  4. Frequent flights service– the world has become small these days and Poland is now well connected with Norway no matter where in Poland you want to fly to. It takes only few hours to get to different parts of our country and you and your quests can benefit from frequent and not expensive connections to Poland and back home.
  5. Wedding planner- all that can be arranged by your wedding planner here on the site. Someone who can communicate with you on a daily basis arranging all services (photographers, DJ, florist English speaking priest etc.) for you. You will also be able to meet all the vendors yourselves if you wish making a one journey to Poland to settle all arrangements. Your Polish wedding planner will also be with you the for the whole time of your stay in Poland to make your wedding not only beautiful, but also easy, stress free and enjoyable. We have a large experience with Norwegian weddings. We know where to find an English speaking pastor, know all the best English speaking vendors and knowing how important speeches are for you during your receptionsJ. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details. We will be happy to help.

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