Wedding Trends 2017

What colors and shades will rule this wedding season? What decoration trends will there be? Please find 10 most pronounced Wedding trends 2017 by ŚlubTrendy:

  1. Geometrical elements

This year you can still see elegant glass vases, wooden coasters, crystal beads and laces, however the biggest hit will be a geometrical elements. These will look really unusual and will surely be admired and remembered by wedding guests.

  1. White and green

This classic combination will get a new approach this year. The green will dominate with its shades of eucalyptus and rosemary leaves and olive branches. Gentle white accents will only make the arrangements look brighter.

  1. Pastel colors

Last year’s blush pink will now be joined by light purple and gentle mint.

  1. Some rustic accents

Old  casks in combination with crystal chandeliers should not be a surprise to anyone this year. Old wine cases with elegant candle holders will surely decorate many wedding functions.

  1. Navy blue

This might be a choice for the less traditional couples. However, see how beautifully it composes with shades of grey and peach.

  1. Copper

Golden and silver accents are so obvious to everyone. This year a real smashing hit is copper accent. It looks unique composed with the green and pastels.

  1. Shades of grey

Grey and its shades will definitely still be a very popular color theme on most elegant parties.

  1. Light makes wonders

Fairy lights, light bulbs, crystal chandeliers, or LED paper lanterns will create a unique atmosphere of every party no matter if your wedding is held in a castle or in a vintage barn.

  1. The magic of little things

If you wish your guests to feel that you thought of everything to make them comfortable add little things to your wedding. Lounge areas, whisky and candy bar, some necessities for the bathrooms or cozy blankets in case it gets cold will make your guests feel well looked after.

  1. Succulents

We have seen them as small favors for the guests or part of decoration. Now they will an important part of wedding bouquets for the brides with less traditional approach.

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